African Ingenuity

For millennia, Africa has been inventing and exporting knowledge and technology that’s changed the world. Today, young Africans are leading a new wave of innovation, adapting and developing digital and creative solutions to tackle the impact of climate change, increase equity and deliver services more efficiently.

Women Powering Economies

The story of the legendary Nana Benz women who have powered the textile trade in the small West African country of Togo since independence is both inspiring and illuminating. It charts the history of the ‘pagne’ – the wax textiles that are the pride of West Africa women, the story of colonial rule and independence, international trade and economic controls, and, above all, the role of these women entrepreneurs in their country’s development.

Technology and Tradition

Storytelling has always been an important part of African culture, preserving history, imparting knowledge, guiding on the right path and entertaining. Afrikan Echoes is a new audio app being being launched by Ghanaian tech entrepreneur, Herman Chinery-Hesse to record stories from across Africa and make them widely available in multiple languages, expanding the reach of this traditional gift.