About me

I feel so fortunate that by birth, family, migration, work and friendships my life and experience has been diverse and quite global. Born in Egypt of Egyptian and Lebanese heritage with Chinese family members, I grew up in Canada. Thanks to a career that is really my passion, I’ve lived in Malawi, Ethiopia, The Gambia, back in Egypt as an adult, Jordan, Iraq, Guatemala and now the UK.

Work has taken me further – to spend time in South Asia, East, West and Southern Africa, many more places in the Middle East, Central and South America and some parts of the Caribbean.

I think I was born with a deep curiosity about the world, about our shared histories, our inter-connectedness and inter-dependence and, yes, our uniqueness too.

I’m often asked which country I liked best. There is no response to that question. Whether I agree or disagree with an idea or a practice, whether I like the food, music, culture, politics, landscapes – or not – is not the point. In each place, from each friendship or passing encounter I gain a broader understanding and appreciation of people, what makes us tick, what we value. And in each encounter, I find wisdom and a resilient human spirit.

Please join me, and Khonsu, on this journey, shining a soft light on people and places less seen, seeing the world from different perspectives.